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SMAS Accreditation

SMAS Accreditation

What Is SMAS Accreditation?

SMAS stands for Safety Management Advisory Services. SMAS accreditation is a nationally recognised accreditation in professional health and safety standards, which demonstrates that your business is fully certified in this area.

The SMAS accreditation shows that your business is up to code with the very latest professional health and safety standards; this helps to show clients and contractors that your business is safe, reliable, and worthy of their confidence — and it also helps to maintain the health and safety of your team too.

At KCS Compliance, we are compliance and accreditation experts. We can help you achieve and maintain SMAS accreditation that will be an asset to your business — giving clients, customers, and employees, the sense of safety and security that they really value.


The Value Of SMAS Accreditation


Health and safety certifications and accreditations are a vital part of communicating to your clients, contractors, and team that you are reliable, safe, and competent. SMAS accreditation is especially valuable, as it is a nationally recognised certification, and certain criteria must be met and demonstrated to acquire it.

SMAS accreditation can also give you a valuable competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. Potential clients can see at a glance that you are safe and conscientious to work with.

SMAS accreditation can also help ‘fast track’ you through the complex and time-consuming process of submitting tenders and pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs). This is because SMAS accreditation means that you already meet a wide range of health and safety qualifications and criteria.

You and your business are immediately recognisable as being safe, legitimate, and up to code. With so many similar and qualified businesses often pursuing the same tenders and opportunities, this can be a crucial step that puts you ahead of the competition. SMAS accreditation could provide the boost your business needs to achieve greater growth.

SMAS accreditation is not just about looking great to potential clients and contractors. It is also about achieving genuine results in health and safety, ensuring the wellbeing of everyone in your business.

Achieving SMAS accreditation is an achievement which builds confidence and prestige, but it also helps create a company culture of health, safety, and wellbeing as protocol.


How We Can Help


We appreciate that it can be difficult to know where to start with compliance processes and achieving accreditation. That’s why our comprehensive services can simplify the process for you from start to finish. We are compliance experts, and our experienced team are here to help you and your business achieve the best results.

We can manage every stage of the application process for you, and prepare necessary documents and submissions – ensuring that you never miss a crucial date or deadline. We can streamline and even digitise the process, so that you always have digital access to your vital files and applications.

We use the very latest compliance software and management systems to ensure that your business compliance processes can run smoothly — and often automatically.

We also provide an annual accreditation management and renewal plan. This can be a vital step in fully overseeing and managing your existing certifications and accreditations.

For many accreditations, it is not simply enough to achieve them — you must also maintain and renew them. This is because standards and protocol may be constantly changing and updating, and your business must stay up to speed. We are here to help ensure this happens.

We can make complex, time-consuming, or expensive processes become smooth, simple, and cost-effective. Get in touch today to see how we could assist you in achieving the full compliance and accreditations that will win you more work.


Our Services


We offer a variety of services to suit a wide range of businesses, and are confident we have a bespoke solution that is ideal for you and your business.

We offer internal management system auditing to ensure your systems and software are working well for you and your business. We offer accreditation implementation and renewal plans, and can manage your compliance processes remotely and comprehensively.

We also offer a range of compliance training courses, auditing courses, and internal audit training courses, as well as ISO 9001 Training, implementation, and certification.

We can manage your documentation and compliance processes from start to finish, as well as perform comprehensive audits to give you the bigger picture of your business. You will see with clarity what is working well, and where there is room for improvement.

We can also perform supplier and sub-contractor compliancy checks for complete peace of mind.

Our range of services demonstrates our team’s expertise and commitment to helping your business achieve full compliance.


Find Out More


If you would like to discover more about what we do and how we can help your business, simply get in touch with one of our friendly team and we will be delighted to assist you.

You can be speaking to a team member in minutes by calling 01908 380 401, or send a general email enquiry to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also take advantage of our completely free, no-obligation one-hour consultation offer. Here, we can discuss your needs and any questions or concerns you may have, as well as strategies on how best to proceed. The consultation is completely without obligation.

We are confident that we have a solution and service to suit you and your business, but there is never any pressure or obligation to proceed following the consultation. Simply get in touch and see for yourself the great range of services we have to offer.

You can also follow our latest news and progress on our dedicated social media pages. We have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so you can follow us on your favourite platform. Here, you will learn about our latest activities and the wide variety of businesses and clients that we have helped.

We would love for you to be one of them.


For professional SMAS accreditation and more, get in touch today!




At KCS Compliance we support organisations implement and retain accreditations. The following sets out SMAS and who may benefit from having this accreditation.

Safety Management Advisory Services

SMAS are a co-founding member of the Safety Schemes in Procurement, SSIP. They are a H&S Assessment organisation that takes great pride in professionalism, customer service and efficiency. They work with many of the major UK housebuilders such as Miller Homes and Persimmon they have developed experience and expertise in new build construction but we also deal with many other construction organisations.

  • Quickly and easily demonstrate your Health and Safety competence to clients.
  • It brings value to your business. It emphasises to potential clients that you are taking your health, safety and wellbeing obligations seriously.
  • It improves your professional image and allows you to win work that you otherwise wouldn’t be able too.
  • Save time and money by benefiting from SSIP mutual recognition.


Who Can Benefit From smas? –

  • Construction
  • Electrician
  • Decorators
  • Joiners
  • Facilities Management
  • Builders
  • Tradesmen


If you’d like to know more about SMAS or any other accreditation, get in touch today and we can support you through the whole process to securing an accreditation relevant to your business.

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