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What is ISO 9001 Quality Management?

What is ISO 9001 Quality Management?

What is ISO 9001 Quality Management?

An ISO 9001 quality management system will help you to continually monitor and manage quality across all operations. As the world’s most widely recognised quality management standard, it outlines ways to achieve, as well as benchmark, consistent performance and service. With ISO 9001 you can put in place processes that allow you to improve the way you operate at all levels benefitting from more efficient ways of working, better cost control and fast and more effective implementation of new working practices.


ISO 9001 has been designed to be used by any organisation large or small, and it needs to work for your business. The System should benefit your business being both flexible and scalable whilst embedding a culture of continual improvement.



What are the benefits of ISO 9001 Quality Management?

  • Defines what you do and recommends a process approach
  • Defines roles and responsibilities for employees
  • Win more high value business and assure customers of your service quality
  • Adds value to your business holding a recognised accreditation
  • Creates and sustains a culture of continual improvements
  • Monitoring and Measuring Performance and Standards within your business
  • Internationally recognised accreditation
  • Better quality management helps you meet customer needs
  • More efficient ways of working will save time, money and resources
  • Improved operational performance will cut errors and increase profits
  • Motivate and engage staff with more efficient internal processes
  • Broaden business opportunities by demonstrating compliance



How we can help you with the Implementation of ISO 9001


We work alongside Intertek (UKAS accredited global certification body) to ensure your Quality Management System (QMS) not only meets the requirements set out by ISO 9001 but also ensures you reap the benefits of adopting a process-based management system within your organisation. Our Service will help you prepare for the Pre-Certification Assessment and provide input and support leading up to Stage 1 and 2 Certification Audits and includes the following steps:


  1. Understand the standard, certification and business requirements
  2. Understand how adopting quality management will benefit your business
  3. Support you in ensuring your team understands the principles
  4. Review current business practice against ISO 9001 Requirements
  5. Prepare a GAP Analysis Report
  6. Implement processes, documented information, checks, controls and changes within your Organisation to meet the Standard
  7. Supporting you in Reviewing and Internally Auditing the new QMS to ensure it meets

the standard’s requirements

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