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The CQC launches its new strategy 2021

The CQC launches its new strategy 2021

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has launched its new strategy based on extensive consultation with the public, providers of health and social care services and partner organisations. At the heart of the strategy is how the CQC will work to make a positive impact on the experiences of everyone who receives care. Regulating in a more targeted and smarter way, which supports services and improves and prioritises safety is another aim.

One fundamental change is that the CQC will assess how well local health and care systems are working, while acknowledging local challenges. This is likely to be underpinned by legislation in the forthcoming Health and Social Care Bill. The new strategy also recognises that effective regulation to improve the quality of care depends on people’s feedback and experiences, especially drawing on the experiences of those who work in health and social care and families who have people in care.

Another major change is the way in which the CQC will provide information on quality, including ratings, to make them more meaningful and support people better in making informed decisions about the quality of care available to them and their loved ones. While on-site inspections will remain a vital part of regulation, the CQC will move away from a set schedule of inspections to a more flexible, targeted approach using a range of regulatory methods, tools and techniques to assess quality and ensure an up-to-date picture.

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