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Supporting your employees’ mental health

Supporting your employees’ mental health

With lockdown measures being slowly eased, Coronavirus vaccinations being widely taken up by adults across the UK and testing kits being made available to everyone, there comes with it a great sense of relief. However, this feeling of release is tinged with a degree of constraint for many, as even the most upbeat of us may still have concerns. How effective are the vaccines against new variants? When will it be really safe to travel? And will our school children be able to experience uninterrupted study next academic year?

If you are an employer, it’s not just good business sense to do what you can to ensure your staff stay healthy, be that mentally or physically. Nowadays, it’s increasingly expected that you have initiatives in place to support your employees and help those who are suffering. Last month saw Mental Health Awareness Week being observed across the UK and many of us have looked at ways we can help those who may be struggling.

The Workplace Wellbeing Show 2021 and Connect 2021, a month-long virtual event from 1-30 June 2021, is currently delivering all kinds of expert advice relating to occupational health and workplace wellbeing and is perhaps a good place to start if looking to improve your methods of supporting your employees’ mental health. It’s free to register. The event gives you the opportunity to browse the latest wellbeing technologies, watch product demos and access thought-leadership content from the comfort of your home or office. Listen to discussion on the impact of the pandemic and ideas on how to tackle fatigue in staff, for example.


So, day-to-day, how can you look after your own mental health and that of your friends, family and colleagues? The most important thing is we are all different and what works for some doesn’t work for everyone. Talking to someone can really help make a problem or worry seem more manageable or help put it into perspective. The power of sharing your concerns can not be overestimated. Spending time with family and friends, or people who care about you, can make all the difference. Fresh air and nature has a calming effect on us all. Getting out of your own four walls brings with it a sense of release from your daily chores, work, arguments, clutter, whatever it may be! There is also a proven link between exercise and good mental health. Whether you choose staying at home to do a workout, or running, walking or cycling, getting out in the fresh air will have a very positive effect.

The sun is shining and the summer is on its way. The easing of restrictions means we can enjoy a dinner with friends and a hug with your gran! Whilst there have been many struggles, there are also a number of positives to come out of this time. One of those being that for many mental health awareness is becoming more spoken about which can only be a good thing. Remembering what is important in life is crucial too, before we all go back to rushing through life cramming things in which really aren’t.


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