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SSIP Accreditation: Everything you need to know

SSIP Accreditation: Everything you need to know

Have you heard colleagues (or competitors!) talk about SSIP? Have you wondered whether you should get accredited too but aren’t sure how, or if, you’ll benefit? Are you worried that getting accredited will be way too time-consuming and technical?

Well, SMAS Worksafe, in their latest blog, have answered these questions in their useful guide which outlines the what’s, why’s and how’s regarding the whole topic of SSIP accreditation.

“How do I get SSIP accredited?”

“Do I need SSIP?”

“What is the SSIP core criteria?”


In brief, SSIP, or Safety Scheme in Procurement, is a standard for health & safety that is recognised throughout the United Kingdom. It was created to ensure a reduction in health and safety assessment costs and bureaucracy in the supply chain, by making cross-recognition between member schemes as effective as possible.

SSIP is now accepted and recognised by thousands of clients across the UK, making the process for vetting contractors a simple process, without the need to compare different standards of accreditation.

Click on the link below to read SMAS’s full explanation:

Contact KCS Compliance Services should you like advice on how to become accredited. We specialise in supporting clients gain and renew  industry accreditations, helping and advising through every step of the process.

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