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Remote Compliance Support

At any time, especially during uncertainty we understand how important it is as a business to remain compliant with all your normal regulatory requirements as well as some potentially new challenges. We would like to reassure all our existing and new customers that we will do everything we can to support you with all your compliance needs big or small.


At this time our team are able to offer remote support for clients which is very much business as usual as far as we can. Our services include:


  • Remote Telephone and Email Support and Advice
  • Access to and Set up on our Cloud-based compliance management system
  • Support with Documents including Templates and Advice
  • Completing and Returning Compliance Documents
  • Document and Remote System Reviews
  • Remote Audits for Documents and Online Systems
  • Video Audits and Calls
  • Training and Support Delivered via Video Conferencing and through advice sheets
  • Booking and Scheduling of Training Courses – First Aid, Manual Handling, Work at Height, Mental Health First Aid.
  • Creation of Checklists and Processes for staff to follow when working from home or remotely


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!



Our Remote Compliance Services


KCS Compliance offers a full range of remote compliance support services that are designed to suit you and your business – wherever you’re based and whatever your circumstances.


We recognise that uncertain times have affected a wide variety of industries, so our friendly and experienced professionals are here to help you and your business navigate the challenges effectively.


That’s why we provide specialist advice that will help you to remain compliant, maintain up-to-date accreditations, and keep your business functioning as effectively as possible. And what’s more, we can do all of this without having to arrange in-person meetings.


If you would like to discuss your business needs in greater detail, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We also invite you to make use of our free, no-obligation 1hour consultation. This will be the perfect time to examine your requirements, discuss your circumstances, and create a plan of action.



Remote Compliance Support


KCS Compliance is delighted to offer both new and existing customers professional support for all your compliance needs – regardless of your location, and no matter the size of your business.


We have adapted our approach to meet the changes and challenges presented by factors such as national lockdowns, social distancing, and other obstacles. Our professionals will be able to assist you and your business entirely remotely – facilitating improved processes and helping you to experience continued success, no matter what the external circumstances are.



What We Offer


We provide a wide variety of high-quality remote compliance services. This ensures that we can help as wide a range of clients and businesses as possible, regardless of their physical location. We offer remote consultations via telephone and video link – as well as email support and advice – while aiming to be responsive and easily contactable in a number of ways.


Using these methods, we can provide comprehensive audits of your compliance processes, management systems, documentation – and more – 100% remotely.


Additionally, the Cloud-based compliance management system we have created for clients is easily accessible and a great way to ensure that you stay on top of the vital deadlines and key documentation that is required during the compliance process.


We have also created helpful checklists and process sheets for your staff to follow when working alone or off-site. This helps to ensure that your business is still functioning in a compliant, productive, and efficient way – even when most of your team may be working from home.


Another part of our service which we can deliver remotely and to an excellent standard, is our capacity to book and schedule training courses for our clients depending on their unique needs and the specific requirements of their industry. For example, recent popular courses we have arranged for clients include First Aid training, Mental Health awareness, manual handling, and in-house compliance training.


We can also deliver guidance and support to your team via video conferencing, and then follow this up with advice sheets and information. No matter the size or nature of your business, we would be delighted to assist you!



Why Use Remote Compliance Support?


Achieving adequate compliance processes will help to make sure that your business is safe, legitimate, and at the forefront of your industry. But without the right support, reaching the required compliance standard can quickly become complex and time-consuming.


With the assistance of our compliance professionals, you will navigate this process with ease. The remote compliance support we offer will help to ensure that your business remains up-to-code and fully accredited in all the ways you require!



About Us


Our team of consultants are experts in the field of compliance-related services. We can help you put in place the documentation, processes, and procedures that are required to be compliant with international standards, and/or effectively manage an existing compliance system to ensure that it is functioning optimally and providing you with as many efficiencies as possible.


Often, having the adequate level of compliance in your business can be the difference between winning and losing work. By helping companies to achieve the recognised standards of compliance required by their industry, we give them all they need to secure valuable new contracts!


We have worked with clients in the construction industry, medical services, entertainment, the charity sector, and many more. Whatever your industry and however large or small your business, we can provide a service that will suit you perfectly.



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To find out more, please get in touch via our quick and convenient online contact form, or email an enquiry to


Alternatively, you can telephone our team on 01908 380 401


If you’re looking for support with your compliance needs – whether in-person or remote – contact our friendly and professional team today!