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Internal Management System Auditing

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There can be a number of advantages to using an external Auditor, including gaining valuable external perspective, ensuring compliance to Standards and saving internal management time. Our Auditors have been trained as Lead Auditors with bsi.


We conduct a number of different Audits including:


  • One-Off Audits
  • Annual Audits
  • Pre-Certification Audits
  • Supplier and Sub-Contractor Audits

About This Service


Our expert team at KCS Compliance offers a range of thorough and effective auditing services.


We can provide an audit that is tailor-made to you and your business, whether you are seeking a one-off audit (such as at the start or end of a year for example, or before an important deadline), regular annual audits, pre-certification audits, and more.


We also offer audits for suppliers and sub-contractors so that you can have a clear overview of your colleagues’ and collaborators’ businesses — this can be especially useful when preparing to undertake projects together.


Whatever your auditing needs, contact our friendly and professional team and we would be delighted to assist you!


Our free consultations also allow us to assess exactly which style and frequency of audit would be the most appropriate for you, so if you are unsure of the service you need, simply get in touch and let our experts do the rest.

Why Do An Audit?


Audits offer an unrivalled way to assess your company’s processes, functionality, and efficiency. They allow you to evaluate every aspect of the business, from its daily procedures, cashflow forecasts, budgeting, certifications and accreditations, contracts, and more.


Regular audits allow entrepreneurs to have a clearer understanding of the strengths of their business, and to better know the areas that have room for improvement. But while audits can offer a frank, objective assessment of the overall efficiency of the business, they can be difficult to undertake alone.


While an audit is a great way to gain perspective, this may be more difficult if everything is audited internally. For example, you may not have the time, the experience, or the required objectivity to perform a comprehensive audit of your own business, which can leave some key areas unexplored.


Alternatively, some of your personnel may have one perspective on the business while others will have another. A professional auditor can bring these views together and give an overview that is fair, objective, and clear — while providing actionable solutions.

Why Use An External Auditor?


A knowledgeable and highly-trained external auditor, like those on the KCS Compliance team, offers an objective, professional presence. They can see your business clearly and impartially from an outside perspective, without being influenced by internal pressures or preferences.


Using an external auditor is a great way to get a fresh point of view on your business and your circumstances. It can equip you with the facts, insights, and information to make informed and effective changes.


The adjustments you make based on receiving an external audit can benefit your business enormously, as knowing your business and its processes better will help you to be more aware of the ways it can be improved, or could function more smoothly.


External auditors will not only provide excellent insights into your business, but they can also offer practical solutions and strategies on how to improve. Auditing professionals like ours will have the knowledge and the experience to notice the small details that can have a big impact!

The Benefits Of An Audit


Having an audit will empower you and your business with the facts needed to make lasting and effective changes. Not only will you gain a clear overview of the workings of your business, but you will see where you’re thriving and learn about the areas that need work and improvement.


This can be a continuous process of development as your team, goals, and industry continue to change. Regular audits will help you to stay in control. They give you the perspective and insight you need to see what is functioning well, and to catch small issues within your business before they have the chance to become big problems.


Comprehensive audits like our popular services at KCS Compliance give a clear overview, professional insights, a fresh perspective, and actionable suggestions for change.

Our Services


We offer a range of auditing services to suit you and your business — whether you are keen to audit annually, regularly, in advance of a big change, or even on a one-off basis.


We also offer pre-certification audits, which are ideal for helping businesses to successfully achieve certification, by ensuring they are up to code and in full compliance beforehand.


We would be happy to advise you on a suitable service through our free, no-obligation 1hour consultation. Please get in touch and speak to one of our advisors, as we would be delighted to recommend the perfect service for you!

Our Previous Work


We have worked with clients in the construction industry, medical services, entertainment, the charity sector, and many more.


Whatever your industry and however large or small your business, we can provide a service that will suit you perfectly.


You can discover more about our previous clients and the ways we have helped them, by visiting our case studies page or browsing through our dedicated blog.

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