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Compliance Training Courses

Professional Compliance Training Courses


Compliance training courses help ensure that your business meets the required industry and legal standards, while also satisfying the criteria for specific jobs and contracts.


Additionally, compliance training courses make sure your employees are fully informed as to their rights and responsibilities with regards to important workplace matters such as cyber security, preventing discrimination, health and safety best practices, business ethics, and more.


At KCS Compliance, we provide industry-leading compliance training for a range of businesses in both the public and private sectors. Our courses have helped businesses in a wide variety of industries to raise standards, achieve high productivity, and substantially improve their adherence to required guidelines – both internal and external.



The Benefits of Compliance Training Courses


Investing in compliance training has several benefits.


Our compliance training courses help your team members to be aware of, and obedient to, the necessary guidelines and regulations which are mandated by both your company, and the industry as whole. This will help to ensure your business and your employees are following all the correct rules and regulations – therefore minimizing the risk of costly transgressions by either the company as a whole, or individuals working within it.


The benefits employees gain from receiving high quality compliance training are substantial. From knowing precisely what they can and can’t do at work, to being aware of how to react in difficult situations in order to best keep themselves safe; proper compliance training will educate employees as to their rights and responsibilities in the workplace, and the correct processes to follow when they suspect behaviour is occurring which goes against the correct procedures.


Some of the subjects which can be covered by compliance training courses include: information security, workplace safety, data protection and privacy, anti-harassment measures, regulatory compliance, bank compliance training, environmental compliance training, and many more.


Compliance training also helps to impress upon employees the values, ethics and goals of the company, while ensuring the correct practices are in place to help the business follow all the appropriate industry regulations and legal requirements.


By ensuring that compliance is embedded deep in the roots of your business, you can protect both the employees, and the business as a whole, from running the risk of violating either the company’s own policies, or the required standards set by the regulations of your trade or industry, or the prevailing laws of the land.


All this will help to protect your business from the risk of receiving fines (which can be very expensive indeed), criminal prosecutions, and damage to your reputation, while employees are educated as to how they should conduct themselves in order to fulfil their job roles appropriately, and how to avoid engaging in practices which could endanger their employment. Individuals will also learn how to remain safe, secure and healthy at work in a wide variety of situations, and what to do if they feel their wellbeing is under threat.



How We Can Help


Compliance is our speciality, and our training can be tailored entirely to your business and the existing experience of your personnel. Discuss your specific needs with us and we will design a training package that is customized to your business and the skills of your team.


In addition to compliance training, we also offer an additional range of services, such as internal management system auditing (so you can be certain your business is running in the best possible way), accreditation implementation and renewals (so that you never miss a deadline or a contract), along with many other overall compliance management improvements.


We also offer ISO 9001 implementation and certification, ISO 9001 training, CHAS Accreditation and much more. For all of the most pressing compliance requirements, KCS Compliance is a trusted industry leader.



Achieving the Best Results


At KCS Compliance, we believe that ongoing improvements are key to achieving the best results. All our services are designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind.


Through a combination of outstanding services, ongoing assessment and improvements, and training and empowering staff in-house, we believe that businesses can achieve measurable growth and the very best results. We have supported businesses in a range of industries to achieve their highest possible potential.


We would love for your business to be our next success story. If you are curious how we could help, you can learn more in our About Us section that shows some of the key ways we have helped a range of businesses.


Our Case Studies section shows the wide range of industries in which we have experience. We have supported business from both the public and private sectors, working in industries ranging as widely as construction, cleaning, design, property, promotional and merchandise, repairs, maintenance and more.


Whatever the size of your business and the industry you serve, we are confident that we can bring value. Our approach of honest assessment, strategy, efficient application and ongoing improvements leads to great results. Get in touch with one of our friendly and experienced team members today to discuss how we can help you.



Next Steps


We are always delighted to discuss our services and would love to hear from you. Together we can design a bespoke package that is tailor-made to improving your business and achieving results. Whether you need a full initial audit and assessment, or support on a specific project or application, we can help.


Get in touch with us at, discuss your needs over the phone and call on 01908 380 401, or else make use of our quick and convenient online contact form.


Don’t forget that we also offer a completely free one-hour consultation service. This means that you can discuss your needs with an advisor with no obligation, and we will be happy to discuss how we could help.


Get in touch today to discover how our services, assessments, and compliance training courses could help your business!

Our Training Courses are completely bespoke to the Clients we work with.


Our Workshops and Courses can be used to:


  • Support the use and application of an existing QMS
  • Support an Organisation with Implementing a new QMS
  • Employee Engagement
  • Conducting Internal Audits and Management Reviews
  • Business Performance and Continuous Improvements
  • Utilising the System alongside other Processes and Tools
  • Establishing Quality Objectives and Plans

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