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Help and Support – FAQs

Welcome to our Help and Support page for ComplianceManaged.


Although we have built the system to be as user friendly and intuitive as possible, there will always be certain features you may not know about or understand how to use. So we have put together some ‘How to guides’  for a little extra help and for your quick reference below.


However, please do get in touch with us if you require any further assistance or if there are any features that you think we should cover on this page.


1. How do I upload a document?

2. What do I do if I cannot find the slot I need?

3. How can this system manage my subcontractors?

4. How do I take off a document no longer needed?

5. Can I change the date on a document already updated?

6. My document has gone from green to amber what does this mean?

7. My document has moved from amber to red what does this mean?

8. How do I view my document once it has been uploaded?

9. I need to upload two documents to one slot will I be able to see them both?

10. How can I edit my personal information?

11. How can I edit my company details?

12. Why does my slot still show red when I have uploaded my document?

13. How can I add extra modules to my account?

14. Can I have different access to the rest of my team?

15.Will I receive email alerts?