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CHAS Accreditation

Industry Level CHAS Accreditation

CHAS accreditation is a health and safety scheme commonly seen in the construction industry. The letters stand for the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme.


It is a certification that proves your business has approved health and safety management systems in place, giving confidence to potential clients and tenders.


Having a CHAS accreditation makes your business eligible for contracts that may otherwise be out of bounds. It is a great way to stand out from the competition as a professional, legitimate, and conscientious business, in line with all the very latest health and safety guidelines.


There are a number of health and safety schemes that businesses can consider which demonstrate compliance with health and safety standards. CHAS, however, is one of the most instantly recognisable. Accreditation is also accompanied by an official logo.


In order to gain CHAS accreditation, it is normally required to answer questions, supply evidence, and undertake a full review of your current health and safety practices and systems.


If deemed up to standard, you will be awarded CHAS accreditation, and your business will be officially ‘CHAS accredited’. You can add the logo to your stationery, advertisements, and of course on any documents when you are tendering for work.


It can be the key advantage you are looking for to distinguish yourself from the competition.



The Importance of CHAS Accreditation


CHAS accreditation can be important for several reasons. The first can be that a full review of your business’ health and safety systems ensures a greater level of safety for everyone involved. The CHAS accreditation process then becomes as valuable as the accreditation itself.


CHAS accreditation can also instantly boost your likelihood of securing work and contracts, as clients recognise it as an industry-standard mark of quality.


Some jobs are also only available to businesses who are CHAS accredited, meaning that the accreditation will gain you exclusive access to more work.


CHAS accreditation can also make the application and tendering process faster and more effective overall. With a respected accreditation in place, you may even be able to skip some of the lengthy pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ’s).


Having already been assessed and approved by a third-party accreditation scheme like CHAS, many of these questions and requirements will already have been met.


If dealing with many projects, or simply when cost-effectiveness and efficiency are a primary concern, CHAS accreditation can save a lot of time and resources.



How We Can Help


CHAS accreditation is valuable but can also become a complex and time-consuming process if not properly managed.


Only a small number of businesses — approximately 20% — pass the CHAS application process on their first attempt. The process can be confusing and not all the evidence is given effectively.

That’s where we come in.


At KCS Compliance Services, our experienced team are fully equipped to streamline the entire compliance and accreditation process from start to finish.


We want to ensure that you have the best possible chance of success, and gain your CHAS accreditation with the minimum fuss.


We can provide a full review of your existing accreditations and certifications, as well as putting together an action plan for applying for new ones. Together, we will develop an annual plan that ensures you are not only up to code, but also at the forefront of industry standards.


We can manage the complicated documentation, create renewal reminders and submissions, and meet the all-important deadlines.


As many of the most important accreditations must also be renewed annually, we can also repeat the process as needed and create a plan so that you are always compliant and on time with applications.


With friendly, experienced compliance experts on your side, your business will be in a position to pursue the very best clients and opportunities.



Our Services


We offer a variety of services designed to optimise your business for compliance, growth, and capitalising on opportunities.


Our internal management system auditing service can conduct audits that will give you perspective on your business, so that you are always in control. We can arrange one-off, annual, pre-certification, or even supplier and sub-contractor audits.


With necessary accreditations and compliance certificates changing every year and in need of regular renewal, we can implement a plan that automates the process and ensures that you are in control. Our Annual Accreditation Management and Renewal Plans are tailored to you.


We can also help you to manage the compliance process in the most rapid, simple, and cost-effective way possible.


Our compliance document management software is at the forefront of industry standards, —flagging deadlines, updating requirements, and providing templates for a seamless applications process.


It is a one stop shop for all your online documentation from certificates, risk assessments, policies, financials and more.


We offer ISO 9001 Implementation and Certification, designed specifically to improve the effectiveness of your business whether large or small. This sophisticated, but simple, system works alongside the BSI and is flexible enough to adapt to your needs and system requirements.


We also provide training compliance training that will equip your own team members with the knowledge and skills to manage the compliance processes in future.


If there are other needs and services that you require, we would be delighted to discuss your needs and create a bespoke plan just for your business.



Getting in Touch


We are proud to have assisted businesses and clients across a wide range of sectors to achieve full compliance and reach their full potential.


We are confident that we have a service to suit you, and we would be delighted to discuss your needs and create a bespoke solution for your individual business.


If you are still unsure of how we could help, or would like to discuss your requirements more specifically, why not take advantage of our free One Hour Consultation?


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