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Industry-Leading Auditing Courses

At KCS Compliance, we offer a range of top-quality auditing courses, training programs, and other associated services. We are experts in compliance and in managing the documents, accreditations, and bids that will win you more work, while keeping your business at the forefront of your industry.


Our audits will allow you to manage your company in the most effective way. We can accurately identify areas of strength, places where there is room for improvement, and which specific sectors need to be updated.


We use innovative software and industry-leading techniques to complete a full review; this can include evaluations of your internal management systems, practices, and accreditations.


The Benefits of Auditing Courses


An effective audit of your business has several key benefits, as it will allow you to see the big picture regarding everything that is going on in your business. After an accurate and honest assessment, you can then move on to making the necessary refinements.


To implement change and achieve the best results, you first need to identify exactly where your business stands; you need to know the areas that are working well, and which others leave room for improvement. An effective professional audit can empower you with this information.


Any changes you then make will come from a solid and accurate basis, which helps you to achieve genuine results.


Regular audits also help to ensure that your business is functioning at its highest level, and achieving the best outcomes possible. They are also ideal for assessing the situation before applying for a specific contract, opportunity, or certification, so that you can be confident you are in the best position.


Not only can we perform audits for your business, we can also audit suppliers and sub-contractors too, ensuring that everything is functioning in the smoothest and most effective way possible.


Audits are ultimately an investment in your company and its personnel – a commitment to ongoing change, constant improvements, and the very best practices.


Another benefit of our auditing courses is that they equip your staff with the knowledge of our team of auditing experts. With qualified auditing personnel on your team, you can then perform some of the future audits in-house on a more regular basis, and with minimum disruption.


Our Auditing Courses


We can perform a variety of audits, including: annual audits, one-off assessments, and audits needed pre-certification, so you can be sure that your business is in the best possible condition.


We also offer auditing courses to train your team; these courses mean that your personnel will be educated by our in-house experts on how to perform a range of audits for you, themselves.


External auditors can bring a valuable fresh perspective to your business, but for ongoing needs and in-house efficiency, having qualified auditing personnel on your team can be invaluable.


Our auditing services fulfil a variety of needs, including one-off general audits, annual audits that may be large in scope, audits of your internal management systems, audits pre-certification or for a specific project, and more.


Our auditors are of an exceptional standard, and have successfully qualified as Lead Auditors after undergoing training with the prestigious BSI Group. Therefore, you can proceed with complete confidence that your audit will be thorough, effective, and of great value to your business.


After the audit, we can also continue to support you with one of our other services, such as achieving certification, creating a compelling bid, and helping you win more work.


We would be happy to discuss your specific auditing needs with you and to devise a solution together.


Our Other Services


We are proud to be experts in compliance, and our wide-ranging services reflect this. We offer CHAS Accreditation, ISO 9001 implementation, certification and training, accreditation renewals, compliance training, internal management systems auditing and more.


Our range of services are designed specifically for you to get the best results from your business and your personnel. Our combination of services delivered by experts, and training courses designed to equip your team with highly valuable skills, means we can support your business in the most thorough way.


We are always delighted to discuss your specific needs, and hope you will get in touch to discover how we could help.


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We serve a range of industries and have helped a wide variety of businesses to achieve their potential and win more work. We have supported clients in the construction industry, medicine, entertainment, the charity sector and more.


Whatever your industry and however large or small your business, we are confident that we can bring value to your company and provide a service to suit you.


Simply get in touch to discuss your needs with one of our friendly professionals, or take advantage of our complimentary one-hour consultation; this can be a great way to discover how we can help you, with no obligations.


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