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Accreditation Implementation and Renewals

Our Annual Accreditation Management and Renewal Plans will help you manage all the documentation and deadlines associated with the different accreditations you hold. We will help maintain up to date files of evidence to the compliance requirements and then submit this for you in line with your renewal deadlines.

At the start of the Plan we will conduct a Review of all your existing accreditations and Certificates to make sure you are not renewing unnecessary certificates or doubling up on accreditations.


We will also advise if there are new standards you might want to consider obtaining which your industry recognise and support.


The Annual Plan takes pressure off you internally to track your documents, policies and certificates and avoids the need to urgently pull items together to meet compliance reviews.


Payment is through a fixed fee structure which can be paid annually or on monthly installments to support your cash flow requirements.


Included in this Service are the following options and benefits, but this is completely tailored to your requirements:


  • Review of existing Accreditations and Certificates
  • Development of Annual Plan
  • Management of Documentation
  • Auditing and Compliance Reviews
  • Renewal Reminders and Submissions
  • Full Implementation of Accreditations
  • Supplier/Sub-Contractor Compliance Reviews
  • Fixed Affordable Fee Structure

About This Service


At KCS Compliance, we offer annual accreditation management and renewal plans that are tailor-made to your business and your individual circumstances.


These bespoke plans are specifically designed to help you manage all the relevant files, documentation, and essential deadlines associated with any accreditations that you may hold, or wish to apply for.


It is especially important to ensure that all documentation is to hand and filed correctly, while being up to date, unexpired, and compliant with all the relevant industry bodies.


Our management plans and systems not only help you to keep your documentation clear and organised, but we can also ensure that you remain in complete compliance and on time with any deadlines, renewals, or other requirements.

Why Obtain Accreditations?


Across a range of industries and sectors, competition is stronger than ever before. Standing out is key when it comes to attracting clients and customers, and accreditations remain a powerful way to distinguish yourself from the competition.


Obtaining industry-relevant accreditations and certifications instantly communicates to potential clients that your business is legitimate, conscientious, and of a high professional standard!


Many official accreditations will also enable you to use a specific logo or seal of approval across your website, social media channels, printed documents, and other mediums. This is another way for leads and prospects to instantly identify you as qualified, professional, and reliable.


Achieving industry accreditations that require regular updates and maintenance are also a great way to guarantee that you and your business are always up to date with current industry standards. They provide an incentive to be continually learning and expanding – never getting left behind by changing industry policies or practices.


To properly legitimise your business, maintain high professional standards, and be instantly recognisable to clients as a trustworthy company to work with, achieving industry accreditation can be essential.

How To Maintain Accreditations


Many accreditations must be continually maintained with renewals, applications, or other compliance measures. But maintaining accreditations does not have to be overwhelming, costly, or time-consuming.


With the right support, it can be made into a pain-free process that helps your business to grow and thrive – thereby proving to be a highly worthwhile investment.


Our comprehensive accreditation management plans can guide you through every aspect of the process — from an initial enquiry, through to achieving accreditation, and then managing your renewals on autopilot.


All our accreditation management and renewal plans are tailor-made to suit you and your business.


Whether you are exploring accreditation for the first time, seeking to maintain or renew current accreditations, looking to optimise your existing processes – or anything in between – we will have a service to suit you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team.

How It Works


You can begin by contacting us — we offer a completely free, no-obligation 1hour consultation to discuss your needs and goals.


By obtaining more information about you and your business, as well as about what you hope to achieve, we can develop a plan together that will maximise opportunities and help to ensure your continued success.


Next, we will conduct a comprehensive overview of your business and review all the existing certificates and industry accreditations you may have.


This is an essential part of the process that helps to ensure you are not renewing any accreditations that you no longer need, that you are not duplicating any accreditations, and that none have expired, for example.


At this stage, we can also advise on whether there are any specific industry accreditations and certificates that we believe would be especially suitable for your business.


With this essential information, we can then proceed with the accreditation process that best suits you — whether that is starting from scratch, renewing existing accreditations, cancelling old ones, and more.


Our Annual Plan is especially popular as it removes the internal pressure for businesses to keep up to date and have the essential documents, policies, and certificates easily to hand.


At KCS Compliance, our experts have the knowledge, the experience, and the specialist software to make this process simple and straightforward for you.


Annual Plans are also affordable and convenient, as they can be paid as either a yearly lump sum or in monthly instalments, depending on which arrangement best supports your individual cashflow requirements.

Our Services


Your accreditation management plan — whether annual, monthly, or on a one-off basis — is unique to you and your business, but it can be structured to include a range of the following services:


  • Reviewing your existing certificates and accreditations
  • Documentation management (both electronic and print)
  • The development of an Annual Plan and strategy
  • A company audit
  • A Full Compliance Review
  • Reminders for renewal deadlines, submissions, and more
  • Comprehensive implementation of accreditations
  • Compliance reviews of suppliers and sub-contractors



Contact us today to discover how we can assist you through every step of the accreditation process!

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