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Keeping your school or academy safe and compliant with statutory regulations

Today’s school owners, leaders, trustees and governors have an extremely important job to fulfil, with the welfare and education of their pupils always at the forefront of their responsibilities. But this critical task can easily be overtaken by a plethora of legal requirements, policies and standards that schools and academies are obliged to adhere to. These compliance requirements are in many ways just as important, as they are there to ensure that our children, and all those using the school premises, are kept safe.


But compliance can be a complicated business, not least because regulatory standards are under constant review and because much of the work involves technical issues and requires specialist knowledge. You may even manage a multi-academy trust and have responsibility for numerous sites.


Managing your school’s estate includes ensuring you have an up-to-date health & safety policy, staff training procedures and proof of this training, a building condition survey to check the physical, mechanical and electrical state of your school buildings and land, crucial compliance documentation like your asbestos register, legionella risk assessment, electrical safety certificate, and fire and insurance policies. The list goes on!


KCS Compliance Services has experience of working with academies across the UK, helping to ensure that compliance documentation of schools is existing, adequate, up-to-date and to hand! Our ComplianceManaged® cloud-based software solution has been specifically designed to support you in achieving and maintaining industry compliance so you have confidence that your school or academy is meeting all of its mandatory requirements. Our portal stores all your compliance documentation in one place and consolidates the monitoring task into a single easy-to-manage dashboard – tracking updates in real time and notifying, reminding and alerting you as critical documents require action.


We help you minimise the risk of key paperwork getting lost in the caretaker’s office or in some forgotten filing cabinet, saving you stress with minimal effort and maximum piece of mind!

With experience in supporting schools and multi-academy trusts, we can:


  • Take the pain out of preparing for your policy and certificate renewals
  • Support you in achieving new compliance documentation and plans
  • Organise and track essential training and certification of your staff
  • Help you prepare for successful building and estate inspections
  • Save you time with our simple online document management system
  • Provide crucial documented evidence supporting your bids for funding and help protect the number of pupil places
  • Review your current compliance coverage to check its adequacy & relevance
  • Provide access to expert advice and support

With KCS Compliance Services you can:


  • Increase your efficiency
  • Have confidence in ensuring the health and safety of your pupils and staff
  • Demonstrate your regulatory, certificate and training compliance to parents, staff, governors & inspectors
  • Have compliance documentation to hand, helping you manage your budget, secure funding and have proof to support your method of allocation of funds
  • Access your personalised compliance management portal wherever you are
  • Share access to the ComplianceManaged® portal with as many employees as required

Our portal can be tailored to your specific needs and budget, allowing as many users to access the portal as required. It can also be used to demonstrate your compliance during inspections and to secure funding from local authorities. In the constantly shifting and challenging education environment, we provide a second pair of eyes alerting you to any changes in specification or legislation that will require addressing in your documentation or certification, leaving you to focus on your pupils.

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“Katy and her team at KCS Compliance Services set up a bespoke academy module in their ComplianceManaged® software to support us in managing school’s statutory and compliance documentation. Maintaining school estates involves so much document checking and updating, but ComplianceManaged® made it so much easier.”


“The schools and academies that we support benefit in numerous ways by having access to the ComplianceManaged® portal. Not only is it easier to keep track of when specific documents need updating or renewing, but it also saves money in the long run by helping them to remain compliant with legal obligations. ”


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