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Health & Social Care

In the highly regulated and people-centred healthcare sector, compliance is critical

Everyone wants to feel safe and receive the highest level of care when visiting a GP, dental practice, care home or hospital. That is why healthcare compliance is so important: it ensures members of the public receive safe, high-quality patient care in a setting which adheres to the myriad of standards and regulations set by government and health and social care bodies. But it can be confusing, complex and ultimately stressful when trying to manage contract-critical accreditation applications and renewals, staff training, insurance policy updates, and issues relating to patient safety and privacy, all alongside the daily demands of running a business.


Our ComplianceManaged® cloud-based software solution has been specifically designed to support you in achieving and maintaining industry compliance so you have confidence in your business attaining, or ideally surpassing, mandatory requirements. Our portal stores all your compliance documentation in one place and consolidates the monitoring task into a single easy-to-manage dashboard – tracking updates in real time and notifying, reminding and alerting you as critical documents require action. Our team has experience in supporting many companies prepare for their CQC inspection and can help walk you through the process of achieving a competitive CQC rating, helping you retain patient and partner confidence while giving you a competitive advantage.


Our portal is fully audit-friendly and can be tailored to your specific needs and budget, allowing as many users to access the portal as required. It can also be used to demonstrate your contract compliance to potential clients, helping you win tenders and secure future work. In the constantly shifting and changing healthcare environment, we provide a second pair of eyes alerting you to any changes in specification or legislation that will require addressing in your documentation or accreditations, leaving you to focus on your core business.


With experience in supporting many organisations providing services, products and professionals to the health and social care sector, we can:


  • Take the pain out of preparing for your annual accreditation renewals
  • Support you in achieving new accreditations and evidencing your compliance
  • Organise and track essential training and certification of your employees
  • Help you prepare for successful CQC inspections
  • Save you time with our simple online document management system
  • Oversee subcontractor vetting and ongoing monitoring
  • Review your current compliance coverage to check its adequacy & relevance
  • Provide access to unlimited advice and support

With KCS Compliance Services you can:


  • Increase your efficiency and competitiveness
  • Demonstrate your regulatory, certificate and training compliance to patients, partners & auditors
  • Access your personalised compliance management portal wherever you are
  • Share access to the ComplianceManaged® portal with as many employees as required

Whether you are delivering social care services to the community, recruiting healthcare professionals to work within an organisation, providing products or offering services for the wider healthcare sector, compliance is crucial in order for you to operate effectively and successfully. ComplianceManaged® saves you stress with minimal effort and maximum piece of mind.

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