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SafePQQ Accreditation

SafePQQ Accreditation

At KCS Compliance we support organisations implement and retain accreditations. The following sets out SafePQQ and who may benefit from having this accreditation.

SafePQQ has been trading previously as “SafeContractor” and before that “Exor”. The reason behind the change is to bring all Alcumus Group companies within the wider “Alcumus” brand and ensure a consistent approach across their customer base.

SAFEPQQ is an established SSIP Accredited Contractor Competence Assessment Scheme used by clients to determine if contractors meet minimum Health and Safety Requirements. For over 15 years’, SafePQQ has worked with thousands of suppliers, from small to large, to ensure their compliance. The SAFEPQQ Health and Safety Assessment provides clients with added assurances as to the Health and Safety Competence and Arrangements of the SAFEPQQ Accredited Contractors.

Although SAFEPQQ is largely used for the assessment of contractors working in the Construction Industry, SAFEPQQ is also used in many other industries as providing a benchmark standard against which Contractors Health and Safety Arrangements and Provisions are reviewed.

Who Can Benefit From SafePQQ? –

  • Construction
  • Plumbers
  • Heating Engineers
  • Builders
  • Tradesmen

If you’d like to know more about safePQQ or any other accreditation, get in touch today and we can support you through the whole process to securing an accreditation relevant to your business.


For assistance with SafePQQ accreditation and more, contact KCS Compliance Services today on 01908 380401


What Is SafePQQ Accreditation?

SafePQQ is a pre-qualification questionnaire service that supports small or medium sized enterprises who wish to tender for public sector work more easily and efficiently. Being officially accredited by SafePQQ means that you have completed certain checks, reached required service levels, and fulfilled a variety of demanding criteria to earn the certification.

It also helps to convey to clients that your business is meeting — and exceeding — the latest standards in good practice, helping to instantly elevate you above your competition.

SafePQQ accreditation can also eliminate the need to undertake lots of additional compliancy checks. This means that what could be a complex and time-consuming process is made instantly simpler and more streamlined.

The SafePQQ accreditation allows you — and your client — to easily see which criteria you meet. That way, you can both proceed in the job with complete confidence that you can deliver safely and effectively.


The Value of SafePQQ Accreditation

Professional, industry-level accreditations like SafePQQ help to demonstrate your compliance and competence immediately.

If you are awarded accreditation, it is often accompanied by a logo or certificate that can be used in your official branding. Clients can then see your reliability and achievements at a glance.

Industry accreditation can also win you more work. Not only will you be distinguishable from the competition, placing at the forefront of the latest standards and compliance checks, but you will also be eligible for additional tenders that are only available to accredited businesses.


How A SafePQQ Accreditation Can Help Your Business

Receiving a SafePQQ accreditation can be of great benefit to your business in a number of ways. Firstly, the process of seeking accreditation allows you to undertake a thorough review of your business and its practices.

SafePQQ essentially works to improve supply chain solutions, developing better communications and facilitating relationships between buyers and supplies.

As SafePQQ supports and supplies thousands of organisations in the both the private and public sectors — especially with outsourced supply chain solutions — it is a vital scheme to help companies win and maintain their important contracts.

Clients want to be sure that the business they use is health and safety conscious, industry-standard, and detail-orientated. SafePQQ accreditation immediately helps to convey this.

Your business is not only more likely to secure more contracts if seen to be industry accredited, you will also be eligible for jobs that are exclusively available to accredited businesses — allowing you to win more work, provide value, and grow your revenues.

Industry accreditations like SafePQQ can also improve and streamline the tendering process overall. With accreditations, many of the lengthy questions and criteria of other PQQ’s will already have been met.

This allows you to proceed quickly and safely with the application in hand, without worrying about lots of additional loose ends.

Industry accreditation can seem like additional work, but as it simplifies the tendering process overall it can vastly improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your business.


How We Can Assist You

Seeking industry accreditation is a valuable pursuit, but it can quickly become complicated or time consuming if not managed effectively. It is also not uncommon for businesses to fail in their first or even second attempts to become accredited.

The process can be complex and difficult to streamline, as well as to interpret what is truly needed for evidence on the application.

That’s where we can help.

Our experienced KCS Compliance Services team are specially trained to handle the entire process of accreditation and compliance from beginning to end. We are proud to have help many businesses improve their success rate, win extra work, and become industry accredited.

We put together a personalised action plan for your industry accreditation applications. We can also review your existing certifications and bring everything up to date, while developing an annual plan that helps keep you at the forefront of ever-changing industry standards.

Our professionals — and industry-level software — can create reminders for submissions and renewals, manage crucial deadlines, and provide a one-stop-shop for all the necessary documents, certificates and more. That way, you are always in control.

We also know that many of the most important regulations and checks must be annually renewed. That’s why we make it easy to repeat the process with us, or to put a rolling plan in place to ensure that you are always meeting deadlines and remain fully compliant.

Our experts in compliance and industry standards are here on the side of your business, so that you can continue to attract and maintain the best contracts.


KCS Compliance Services

Our wide variety of specialised services are designed with businesses like yours in mind. Whatever the size of your business, our services help optimise the process of compliance and accreditation, meaning that you can take full advantage of opportunities and win more work.

We can provide audits that will allow you to take full control of your business and see things from the widest possible perspective. We can provide these audits on either an annual or one-off basis, as well as right before certification so that you have a clear understanding of potential improvements.

We can also provide sub-contractor or supplier audits for the fullest possible picture.

We are also aware of how time-consuming the ongoing process of compliance and accreditations can be. That’s why we offer plans that can automate the process and ensure that you are always up to code with Renewal Plans and Annual Accreditation Management Plans designed to suit you.

Our professionals can handle the entire compliance process in a way that is the most simple, reliable, and cost-effective.

We also have access to the very latest compliance document management software. This means we can instantly update requirements, flag deadlines, and even provide templates that will allow you to proceed quickly and seamlessly with applications.

The software allows us to keep all your crucial online documentation in one safe, secure, and instantly accessible space.

If you are keen to foster a long-term business culture of compliance and regulation, we can also train your team members. They will then share some of our skills and knowledge to assist your business internally with the compliance processes in future.

We will be delighted to discuss any additional needs or concerns you may have, and create a bespoke strategy that is tailored to your business.


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