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Telephone Answering – ISO 9001 – Readiness review

Telephone Answering – ISO 9001 – Readiness review

About This Project

In early 2020 we were asked by a Telephone Answering and Remote Business Support Company to support them in implementing a full QMS from scratch in compliance with ISO 9001:2015. The organisation had very little in the way of documented quality controls and therefore required a full business review to establish the processes, resources and procedures within the organisation.


We spent half a day within the organisation observing all the staff and talking with the directors to identify the processes and systems involved in operations and management of work.


From this we provided a full report of the business including where we felt the QMS would help provide levels of control and checks to monitor quality standards. Right from the start we were able to make suggestions and improvements to the processes within the business to improve efficiencies and reduce mistakes being made or at least increase the likelihood of mistakes being identified early on to avoid affecting the end service.


The work is on-going and we are working to have the System in Place by the end of this year, with a Certification Audit in the Spring of 2021 once the System has had a few months insitu to be tested and internally audited.