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Audit Support - ISO 9001 & 27001

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Audit Support, ComplianceManaged®, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, Software Developer
About This Project

One of our clients who we support with tendering, asked us in September 2019 if KCS Compliance Services could support them in preparing for an ISO 9001 and 27001 recertification audit in December 2019. Their Compliance Coordinator had left the business earlier in the year and the role had been difficult to recruit for. This left a gap in resources to ensure everything was up to date and help lead the company up to and through the audit.


As a rapidly growing organisation in service lines and employee numbers, it was essential to tidy up processes and provide evidence to show the external auditor that their systems were robust and compliant.


Our work involved an initial desktop review of the current files, system and evidence of compliance. This was presented back to the client as a report of actions to be carried out prior to the upcoming audit. Our Lead Auditor, returned to the company every couple of weeks to support them and offer advice.


To demonstrate ongoing use and application of a system, there are a number of areas where records must be kept, checks undertaken, and records stored to demonstrate that systems are monitored, effective and issues are identified and resolved. Having our manager on site highlighting the areas which needed attention and made the whole process less stressful.


Our lead Auditor was also on hand on the day of both audits to answer any questions and support the team.


After the audits, we were invited back to introduce them to our KCS ComplianceManaged® portal, a cloud-based solution which helps to store and manage all compliance documentation in one place. They needed something to help them get them ready for their next annual audit alone.


We showed them how ComplianceManaged® helps keep all their documentation, certificates and policies in one place and up to date. It was obvious to them how this system would benefit their business and save them time and money. The system sends alerts when their documents are due for renewal and highlights any areas that needs their attention.


With the administration of the system now streamlined, our client can see the benefits of getting all his compliance in order, rather than it be an inconvenient audit to prepare for once a year.