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Software Developer – ComplianceManaged®

Software Developer – ComplianceManaged®

ISO 9001, ISO27001
About This Project

After working with a software developer with over 30 staff members in Northamptonshire to pass their ISO 9001 and 27001 annual audit with QMS International they asked us to come back and make their system more manageable and relevant to their organisation.

One of the biggest issues they had faced in preparing for the annual audit was no one knew the system that had been put in place and it was frankly not fit for purpose.

By simplifying the system and required documentation and introducing them to ComplianceManage®, they have everything they need to manage the system themselves moving forwards, without us needing to come in and get them ready for the annual audit again.

We showed them how our ComplianceManaged® portal could help them in getting everything ready and in place for the Audit. Keeping all their documentation, certificates and policies in one place and up to date. It was obvious to them how this system would benefit their business and save them time and money. The system sends alerts when their documents are due for renewal and highlights any areas that needs their attention.

With the administration of the system now streamlined they will actually start to see the benefits of those accreditations to the operations in the business, rather than it be an inconvenient audit to prepare for once a year.