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After finding us online and realising we were actually very local to them, this client asked us to pop in for a chat to find out how we could help them better organise and manage their ISO 9001 quality management system and paperwork.


They had just completed their annual surveillance audit with BSI for ISO 9001 and a few areas which had been previously picked up were still not compliant. Our client found this extremely frustrating as they actually used the support of an external consultant already.


We attended their premises and had a chat with them about the system and processes they currently used and how it was all kept up to date. It quickly became clear the system wasn’t really tailored to them as an organisation and there was a lot of reliance on ring binders of information. From our experience as soon as you put a system which should be live and continually evolving into a ring binder you make it near on impossible to manage it effectively, or efficiently.


We offered to conduct a half day review for the client and go through all their documentation and advise on what we would change and why – offering examples and templates to support them in this as best we could. Our overall aim was to actually simplify and reduce the system.


In addition to reviewing their existing document and system content we provided them with access to ComplianceManaged® so as they amended documents they would upload them into specific placeholders which would then provide them with reminders and alerts as to when that specific document would need updating or amending.


As their business has grown and their service offering broadened they also have a lot of compliance based certificates and standards to meet including the calibration of individual pieces of equipment.Therefore, ComplianceManaged®  provides the perfect tool to keep all documentation compliant and in date.


Our ComplianceManaged® system provides a dashboard of all documents and email alerts when documents are due for renewal and highlights any areas that needs their attention.