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Residential Developer – ComplianceManaged®

Residential Developer – ComplianceManaged®

About This Project

With residential development a competitive market and there being increasing pressure for sustainable, responsible companies to deliver works, especially for local authorities we were asked to support one local develop in securing CHAS.


We explained the CHAS process to them and outlined the requirements and as the client was extremely busy delivering projects they asked if we would help them through the process to ensure they did everything correctly and it was completed in a timely manner.


We provided them with a demonstration of how our ComplianceManaged® portal could help them in getting everything ready and in place for the submission. It would also help provide reminders through the year to keep everything up to date ready for their renewal in a years time.


After this demonstration to the Company Directors and Health & Safety Manager, it was evident to them how this system would benefit their business and save them time. The system sends email alerts when their documents are due for renewal and highlights any areas that needs their attention. When we started to gather their documents, the system flagged up gaps where we needed to do some work before we could start to populate the CHAS portal.


We helped them get their policies up to date and created any that they were missing.

Having them onboard on our system means they will be more prepared next year helping them stay on top of their documentations going forward making annual reviews and renewals more efficient