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Quality Management System (QMS) Implementation & ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Promotional Merchandise Designer

Audit Support, ComplianceManaged®, Design, ISO 9001, Print Management, Promotional Merchandise
About This Project

KCS Compliance Services have supported a family-run business and supplier of personalised, embroidered work uniforms and promotional goods for a number of years now. Our relationship began in 2016 when the company was quite paper based, but gradually over time and with our support they have invested in innovative software to revolutionise their internal processing.


In 2019 we were approached to help implement a full QMS (Quality Management System) from scratch and secure ISO 9001:2015 certification. With this goal in mind, we conducted a complete business review with them to establish the processes, resources and procedures within the organisation which would come under the new QMS accreditation.


We provided a full business report including where we felt the QMS would help provide levels of control and checks to monitor quality standards. Right from the start we were able suggest improvements to their processes, to increase efficiency and reduce mistakes being made.


We set out a timeline of 6 months to implement the QMS in line with the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, this was to fit with other demands on the client and was agreed as a realistic timeframe to deliver the required work.


After securing ISO 9001 for them in March 2019, we set up our client with our ComplianceManaged® software, to help them manage and maintain all the compliance documentation within their business. We added personalised modules such as equipment maintenance, fire, HR, GDPR, waste and air conditioning and sorted and stored documentation under each module. This included annual servicing reminders, annual contracts and renewals.


Responsibility for each module was allocated to individuals within the company, enabling the company Director to successfully delegate tasks. This released him to spend more time managing and overseeing staff, rather than being stuck managing administration.


In June 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown, our client had their annual ISO 9001 review audit. We were able to provide their auditor with a log-in to the ComplianceManaged® system, so the audit could be completed remotely, saving time for both our client and the auditor.


They passed their audit and were delighted to feedback to us how much easier our software and support had made it, commenting that we had taken a huge weight off their shoulders at a time where there was a lot going on in the business.