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Promotional Company – ComplianceManaged®

Promotional Company – ComplianceManaged®

About This Project

One of our clients on ComplianceManaged® is a family run business, supplying personalised, embroidered work uniforms and promotional goods to a variety of clubs, schools and businesses across the UK.

In 2019 we helped this company secure ISO 9001 certification and conducted a complete business review with them in the process. This identified  number of areas for improvement and to release pressure on the Director who was overseeing everything. The company was quite paper based when we first started working together in 2016 and gradually over time have invested in innovative software to revolutionise their internal processing.

After securing ISO 9001 for them in March 2019, we built our ComplianceManaged® software. On its completion we went to see this client and gave them a demonstration of how they could use it to manage everything in the business.

We added personalised modules such as equipment maintenance, fire, HR, GDPR, waste and air conditioning. Adding documentation under each module which the business owner needed to manage and keep up to date. This included annual servicing reminders, annual contracts and renewals.

As all modules on the software can be allocated to individuals in the company, the Director can now delegate responsibility for each item to the relevant team member to complete on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. This means his time is better spent overseeing and managing rather than stuck in the doing day to day.

ComplianceManaged® has been set up to keep all vital documentation up to date and in one place, highlighting when accreditations are due for renewal and having everything at hand to complete it.

In June 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown this client had their annual ISO 9001 review audit. We were able to provide their auditor with a log in to the system, so they were able to complete the audit remotely, saving time for both our client and the Auditor themselves.

They passed their audit and were delighted to feedback to us how much easier our software and support had made it, commenting that we had taken a huge weight off of his shoulders at a time where there was a lot going on in the business for him to manage.