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Altius Certification

Plumbing & Drainage

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About This Project

KCS Compliance Services have been helping a plumbing and drainage company with managing their industry accreditations for a while now, so when their Altius certificate was due for renewal it made sense for us to step in and complete this on their behalf.


As the client is using our KCS ComplianceManaged® system, most of their documents were already stored on our shared portal, which made the application process extremely smooth and straight forward. We’re pleased to say the company passed the Altius recertification without any complications.


If you’re not clued-up about the Altius certification, it was founded in 2007 to provide benefits to anyone working with, or within, a supply chain. Altius’s extensive experience in complex and demanding supply chains, combined with a proven track record of using modern information technology, enable Altius to work with clients of any size and within any industry to reduce risk, cut costs and save time in managing compliance across their supply chains.


There is no time like now where supply chains are under so much strain, and being Altius certified may help support and protect your business.


If you are interested in becoming Altius certified, contact KCS Compliance Services to learn how we can help you.