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Easing the process of Chas accreditation

Nursing & Home Care Provider

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About This Project

We have been working for a healthcare provider for some time now through our sister company, Bid & Tender Support. When a tender required them to have an extensive Health & Safety accreditation this was something we, the team at KCS Compliance Services, could help them with.


We suggested CHAS, knowing that this scheme assists the care industry in improving the quality and consistency of care services. We showed them our ComplianceManaged® portal and explained how it would simplify the accreditation process by keeping all relevant documents in one place, making the CHAS application more efficient.


Being a busy organisation, they had little spare time to complete the application process themselves, so handed it over to us. The CHAS application can be a lengthy process, we were able to liaise with the manager filling any gaps before we started. We’re pleased to say they passed with flying colours!


Compliance with risk management legislation is a constant concern for organisations providing care services. All care providers have a responsibility to implement comprehensive risk management policies and procedures to protect staff, patients, and local communities. Failing to do so can result in serious health and safety incidents for staff and recipients of care, as well as legal consequences and significant reputational damage that can affect your organisation’s success.


As an organisation in the care industry, it’s imperative to create a low-risk environment where care services can be delivered safely. This means assessing and mitigating any risks, such as reviewing the security of facilities, hygiene practices, data security and checking hazardous substance control (COSHH).


Ensuring the safety and compliance of care services and facilities can be a complex process. Risks can come in many different forms and will be unique to every organisation. But risk management in healthcare isn’t something that your organisation has to tackle alone.


Contact KCS Compliance Services should you want support in becoming CHAS accredited for your care organisation.