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Vehicle tracking Module in ComplianceManaged®

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ComplianceManaged®, Logistics
About This Project

We were approached by a local company who deliver fleet tracking solutions to make business fleets safer and more efficient. The company owner believed passionately that when driver well-being and conduct is recognised, monitored and rewarded, significant benefits can be realised by the businesses they work in. This is also thought to be true for drivers who are engaged and valued by the businesses that employ them. Our client’s fleet tracking solutions and platform supports businesses in achieving this.


On speaking with several of his clients, the business owner recognised there was another area in which companies with large fleets also struggled to manage. He found that often businesses failed to remain compliant, with documentation relevant to every driver and vehicle regularly falling out of date and failing to be renewed.


Together, we set out a vehicle and driver module in ComplianceManaged®, KCS Compliance Services specialist software, detailing all the necessary documentation that is required to kept on file in accordance with statutory obligations and insurance requirements.


The new ComplianceManaged® modules can be rolled out to any organisation that owns a vehicle fleet. The portal helps keep documentation in one place and automatic email alerts and reminders help ensure that everything gets renewed on time. It also makes auditing and sharing information completely seamless should there be an issue, and can be used as part of a follow-up or insurance claim.


We are now working in partnership to offer a combined solution of fleet tracking and management through their system, and documentation control and compliance through our own ComplianceManaged® software.