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Security, Safeguarding and Health & Safety Compliance

Independent Preparatory School

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About This Project

The task of ensuring your school is compliant with all security, safeguarding and health & safety regulations can at times seem overwhelming, especially when the language and technicalities of the job often feel unfamiliar.


All schools have the extra pressure of being ready for inspection, which involves being prepared for a Regulatory Compliance Inspection on your school’s compliance with the Independent School Standards Regulations, if you are an independent school.


This is where KCS Compliance Services and our ComplianceManged® portal can really help. We’ve supported our most recent new client, a small, independent preparatory school, with a full security and safeguarding review, policy reviews and compliance checks, to ensure they are prepared for inspection and meeting all their legal compliance obligations.


By providing the school access to ComplianceManaged®, our cloud-based software solution that has been specifically designed to support schools in achieving and maintaining industry compliance, the client can now monitor their policies, certificates and estate management documents to ensure they remain up-to-date and meet their mandatory requirements.


Using our portal has saved the school time and helped them to manage their compliance documentation more efficiently and with greater confidence. Moreover, the ComplianceManaged® system can also be used to demonstrate and prove compliance during inspection, as the single, easy-to-manage dashboard, gives an at a glance overview of your school’s compliance.