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Domiciliary Care

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About This Project

We have been working with a family run business whose aim is to provide the highest standards in domiciliary care for their service users. They work to develop and deliver individual personal care plans to ensure their high-quality service meets and exceeds the requirements and expectations of their service users.


The manager contacted us to discuss how we could support them in applying for the CHAS Healthcare accreditation. We showed them our ComplianceManaged® system and explained the benefits to keeping all their compliance documents in one place safely. Through using the ComplianceManaged® portal, they were easily able to upload documents needed to complete the CHAS application process, making the procedure a lot more straight forward. We were able to work together filling in the gaps and are pleased to say they received their CHAS accreditation within just a few days.


We were also able to offer them the extra support of competent health & safety advice provided by our partner. The external provider is someone our client can turn to for supplementary health & safety advice to ensure that all working practices, policies and procedures are up to date and in line with best practice.


They were thrilled with the professional support and advice the team at KCS Compliance Services were able to offer them.


CHAS has offered a national Social Care Services (SCS) accreditation program since 2010, assisting with the review, selection and management of continuing care, elderly care and community care service providers by providing standardised assessment criteria for all providers.


Applying the same principles to social care assessment that they have applied to health and safety certification over the past 20 years, CHAS aims to use the Social Care Services program to improve the quality and consistency of service provision within social care.