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About This Project

We have been working with one of the largest specialist construction companies in the UK, with a turnover of more than £30million per annum, for many years now. During that time, we’ve supported the company in achieving an impressive 96% on their Achilles Audit, we’ve facilitated their annual ISO 9001 review audit to be carried out entirely remotely during the Covid pandemic, we’ve set up a CITB Approved Training Organisation module specifically for them and we’ve supported them through their ISO 14001 Certification process.


But it all began with our client joining KCS’s ComplianceManaged® portal.


Six years ago we were given the opportunity to demonstrate to our client’s Contractors Director and Health & Safety Director how our ComplianceManaged® portal could benefit their business. After seeing the system in action, it became clear how the dashboard status updates and email alerts could make their life much simpler and put an end to relying on files and spreadsheets to track compliance documents.


ComplianceManaged® has since been set up to keep all their compliance and bid documentation up to date and in one place, highlighting when accreditations are due for renewal and keeping everything to hand making audits, reviews and bid submissions more efficient. As subscribers to our Advanced Plus package on our KCS ComplianceManaged®portal, they enjoy complete support for all their accreditation renewals throughout the year.


ISO 9001 review audit
During the Covid-19 lockdown, their annual ISO 9001 review audit was due to take place. We were able to provide the independent Auditor with a log in to the ComplianceManaged® system for the day so they could view everything remotely. Not only did this make our client’s life so much easier but it also made the auditor’s job easier. The auditor commented on how impressed they were with the set up and how they had everything they required to hand.


Our client was very happy to pass their Audit with no observations or non-conformities and provided us with this feedback:


“We are delighted with ComplianceManaged, it’s made life so much easier having everything in one place. The support received from Katy and her team is first class, nothing is too much hassle.


We completed our BSI9001 audit this week which we passed with zero Non-conformances. The auditor loved our new system and said it made things so much easier. The whole audit was completed remotely. Compliance Managed has taken all the hassle of auditing away and is highly recommended.” 


Achilles audit
Following last year’s Achilles audit they received feedback on an area of concern for Environmental Management and Best Practice. To address this issue we worked with the company to put in place measures and procedures to rectify this aspect and it also tied in with us commencing work on their ISO 14001 accreditation.


As a result of our work and by populating ComplianceManaged® ahead of the remote audit, our client was able to score an impressive 96% on their Achilles Audit, with all areas of concern addressed from last year.



Awarded CITB Approved Training Organisation status
Our client has recently developed their own in-house training centre to enable them to deliver specific courses both internally and externally. CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) are required to conduct ongoing monitoring visits of training centres to check compliance with the required standards and to award Approved Training Organisation status.

To prepare for this audit and demonstrate compliance with all the requirements, the following items have to be available, completed and in date:


  • A large number of policies
  • Insurance Cover
  • Evidence of Trainer Qualifications
  • Evidence of completed training records, operating procedures
  • Individual Agreements with prospective candidates
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Self-assessment documentation is held
  • Health, Safety and Welfare Standards are met
  • Quality Systems are documented and followed
  • Monitoring is conducted and recorded


To ensure all the above documentation was completed and kept in an orderly fashion for audit purposes, we built a bespoke module in ComplianceManaged® so we could keep track of all the documents required. The bespoke module listed placeholders for necessary documents along with the frequency they required to be updated. Reminders and email alerts sent were sent when necessary to the Training Centre Manager.


On the CITB’s annual monitoring visit the auditor can be given access to tis module via ComplianceManaged® to undertake their checks. This saves everyone time and demonstrates real commitment on the side of the client in ensuring best practice with regards to their compliance responsibilities.