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Construction Training Centre – ComplianceManaged®

Construction Training Centre – ComplianceManaged®

About This Project

We have been working with a local construction company for many years completing winning tender submissions through our sister company Bid & Tender Support and more recently they have joined us on ComplianceManaged®. Our client prides themselves in being one of the largest specialist construction companies in the UK.

Having been on ComplianceManaged® for almost a year and by working alongside us for six years to support them with their ISO 9001 audits, they saw the benefits of adding their Training Centre to the system for monitoring of training delivered, qualifications issues and certificate expiry dates and renewals.

By taking this information off a spreadsheet onto an automated system for alerts and reminders, as well as the at a glance Dashboard – the time and resource required to manage the Training Centre can be reduced significantly.

We worked with our client to establish exactly what they would like to record creating many slots and arranging them in easy to access folders making their whole training programme much easier to keep track of.

Our traffic light system and email alerts sends out reminders for refresher and training renewals so they know who needs what training. This is also particularly useful when allocating labour to individual projects as it is very quick for individuals to log in and access the qualifications and training records of our team prior to allocating specific works.