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ComplianceManaged® document management and accreditation renewal

Construction & Refurbishment

ComplianceManaged®, Construction, Property Services
About This Project

As a construction and refurbishment contractor, it’s been a very busy time for a client of ours. The company has been growing rapidly and their team expanding. As a result, the company Director decided they needed to focus on their core business and prioritise the skills of his team to best use.


With that in mind, and as an existing client of our sister company, Bid & Tender Support, the construction and refurbishment contractor approached the team at KCS Compliance Services and asked for support in maintaining their compliance documentation and managing their accreditation renewals for the next complete year.


We were thrilled to extend our business relationship with them into providing compliance services and suggested they subscribe to our ComplianceManaged® portal.


ComplianceManaged® is our document management system which helps keep critical policies, certificates, insurances and procedures up to date. The software reminds you when accreditation renewals are due and ensures you have everything to hand to complete renewals, audits or reviews successfully.


The team at KCS Compliance Services has been helping to ensure our portal has been updated with all required documentation and we will be completing the company’s accreditation renewals from now onwards.


An additional benefit of being subscribers to ComplianceManaged® and a bid client of Bid & Tender Support is that the document management portal can also be used to help create and manage bid content and contract management documents too.