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Advanced Plus ComplianceManaged® Client

Construction company

ComplianceManaged®, Construction, Document Management
About This Project

A construction company, local to our KCS Compliance Services headquarters, was referred to us by one of our existing clients who thought they would benefit from access to our ComplianceManaged® portal. The builders had been using another service provider to help them with their compliance needs, but they had not found the service to be very proactive or supportive.


In addition, they’d been told about our ComplianceManaged® portal, and wanted to know more as they really needed somewhere to store all their compliance documentation.


We gave the company a demonstration of ComplianceManaged®, and talked them through the advantages of having their policies, training documents, accreditations and certificates all stored in one place and accessible to all those who needed it, even while out on site. They liked the traffic light system, which alerts them when a policy or accreditation is due for renewal.


The building company are now signed up to our Advanced Plus level of ComplianceManaged®, meaning they have access to bespoke modules as well as day-to-day advice and support on documentation and accreditation renewals.