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Construction – Achillies

Construction – Achillies

About This Project

We have been working with a National construction firm for over 6 years, supporting with their bid and compliance needs. As subscribers to our Advanced Plus package on our ComplianceManaged® system they enjoy complete support for all their accreditation renewals throughout the year.

Following last year’s Achilles audit they received feedback on an area of concern for Environmental Management and Best Practice. To address this we worked with the company to put in place a number of measures and procedures to cover off this aspect and it also tied in with us commencing work on their ISO 14001 accreditation.

As a result of this work and by populating ComplianceManaged® ahead of the remote audit, our client was able to score an impressive 96% on their audit, with all areas of concern addressed from last year.

The Achilles Audit covers key aspects of your business, including Quality Assurance; Business Integrity & Ethics; Employment Practice & Human Rights; Emergency Planning; Environmental Management; Selection of your Supply Chain; Sourcing of Goods; and many more areas. Meeting the requirements as outlined in the audit protocol, provides your organisation with a strong means to demonstrate both your expertise and competency in these areas, as well as operational excellence, and allows buyers to work with you in the safe knowledge that you meet their compliance requirements in full.

If you need support on obtaining or retaining your Achilles accreditation, please do get in touch and we’d be happy to help.