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About This Project

We have been working with a well-established construction company for some time who prides themselves in providing the best fit out and refurbishment delivery services for their clients across the UK.


They approached us to help walk them through the SMAS accreditation process. We advised them to wait until their CHAS application was first complete, as we could then use this to apply directly for SMAS, with no further work involved. As soon as their CHAS certificate was issued, which we also supported them on, we went on to apply for their SMAS accreditaion.


Within days had both CHAS and SMAS accreditations secured for our client.


SMAS is a leading Accreditation Scheme that is proving ever more popular with main contractors who want to assure themselves of the health and safety compliance of their sub-contract companies. Many companies are now insisting that their suppliers and sub-contractors be accredited before they contract with them.