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CITB Approved Training Organisation – ComplianceManaged®

CITB Approved Training Organisation – ComplianceManaged®

About This Project

Established for over 40 years, a local Construction Company have recently developed their own in-house training centre. To enable them to deliver specific courses both internally and externally the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) are required to conduct ongoing monitoring visits. This is to check compliance with the required standards and documentation to award Approved Training Organisation status.

To prepare for this audit and demonstrate compliance with all of the requirements the following items have to be available, completed and in date:


  • A large number of policies
  • Insurance Cover
  • Evidence of Trainer Qualifications
  • Evidence of completed training records, operating procedures
  • Individual Agreements with prospective candidates
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Self-assessment documentation is held
  • Health, Safety and Welfare Standards are met
  • Quality Systems are documented and followed
  • Monitoring is conducted and recorded


To ensure all the above documentation was completed and kept in an orderly fashion for audit purposes, we built a bespoke module for the organisation for their Training Centre detailing all of the CITB requirements with the necessary frequency and placeholders for documents to be uploaded and reminders and email alerts sent if necessary to the Training Centre Manager.

On the CITB’s annual monitoring visit the auditor can be given access to tis module specifically on ComplianceManaged® to undertake their checks. This saves everyone time and demonstrates real commitment from the client in ensuring best practice with regards to their compliance and responsibilities.