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Case Study 8 – Cleaning Contractor – ComplianceManaged Software and Policy Support

Cleaning Contractor – ComplianceManaged Software and Policy Support

About This Project

Over the last 6 months we have been working to support a local family run cleaning company with completing bid submissions and organising the business in terms of compliance requirements.

During this process it was identified as most of their time was spent operational they didn’t have time to be in the office to manage documentation and ensure renewals were kept on top of. We introduced them to our software ComplianceManaged, which provides automated email alerts, dashboard displays and a one-stop service for all bid and compliance documentation needs.

When gathering all their documents and information together to populate the portal they realised they needed some help with creating some new policies, getting them in order and up to date. They had some missing which we were able to put together for them.

ComplianceManaged has helped this client in saving a considerable amount of time managing, storing and tracking his documents, certificates and policies. They have been able to see very quickly how this system benefits the business and have even asked us to create a bespoke training module to track employee qualifications.  We were able to build his own personalised training module around his needs. The system provides him with alerts 30 days before each certificate or document is due to expire this reminds him when everything is due, and he has everything to hand to complete his renewals.