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Case Study 3

Heating Contractor – CHAS

Repairs & Maintenance
About This Project

Working with this Client over the last 4 years with their Bid Submissions, they asked if we would be able to help them collate and submit the compliance information for their Annual CHAS Renewal. Through our shared files for Bids we had all the documents already that needed to be sent, so we were able to quickly pull together a file of supporting documents for the CHAS renewal and then upload these through the CHAS online system.


Within a couple of days the Client had a response from CHAS to confirm their Accreditation had been renewed, with no further evidence required.


Our role is to take the pain away from managing renewals but also to do it right first time, so you can get on with delivering your services knowing you have the certificates and accreditations in place which your clients demand before letting you on site.


A delay in renewal would have to be notified to a client if it’s part of your contract that you have it in place, this may result in work being stopped until you can produce the new certificate. Some accreditation bodies are slow to process renewal challenges so this can take a couple of weeks.


We now have an annual reminder set up so we know when to collate the necessary evidence and submit this to save our Client any work. They just get informed we have done the work and then receive their updated certificate.