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Case Study 13

Heating Contractor – Terms & Conditions & Suppliers agreement

About This Project

Earlier this year we were approached by a local plumbing & heating company to assist them firstly with updating their terms and conditions and also to write a bespoke Suppliers Agreement.

The Company had not had a set of Terms and Conditions drawn up for the business and therefore were exposed if customers cancelled at the last minute or didn’t pay on time. Therefore we suggested just a basic set of terms and conditions covering the quoting process, booking and cancelling appointments and payment terms.

The nature of the business also means that work can often be done directly by suppliers on client sites and our Client wanted to protect themselves from Suppliers offering to complete work directly without involving them in the process. The Supplier Agreement set out an understanding of the Supplier and Client commitments, obligations and parameters for work to protect both parties.

This company has built a solid reputation with their customers operating in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. Their wealth of expertise means that they can offer customers reliable and trustworthy advice and solutions for their plumbing, heating and gas requirements undertaking jobs of all sizes. They have a reputation for high quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, reliability and fairness.

For this client we put together a basic set of Terms and Conditions and a Suppliers Agreement.