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About This Project

We have been working with a national building consultancy for some time supporting them with their compliance needs. This included setting them up on our KCS ComplianceManaged® portal to help them manage their bid content and accreditations.


As part of their area of expertise, the building consultancy supports schools and academies with the maintenance and property management of its assets and estates. It is well known that schools and academies are under increasing pressure with regards to paperwork and administration, and as a result our client was keen to identify a solution to make life easier for those who manage schools.


We had a discussion with the consultancy’s Managing Director about setting up a specially tailored Academy/School module in ComplianceManaged®. We discussed including all statutory and regulatory documentation which must be managed and kept up to date by schools, as well as some other items which were good to have to hand and kept in-date. By setting up a bespoke module up for our client, with specific placeholders for documentation, it made their work easier, and they were better set-up to support schools and academies on a long term basis.


As well as making the schools more efficient in managing their paperwork, the ComplianceManaged® portal also helped drive cost savings and improve standards within the school estates as checks and condition reports were maintained on time. This is very important when some of the checks include health and safety basic requirements like electrics, gas and structural integrity. Failure to keep such checks up to date is in breach of the school’s obligations to protect the safety of those using the buildings and estates and can end up costing the school more in fines or costs involved in having to correct problems at a later date.


Using the dashboard facility on our ComplianceManaged® portal, our client can add academies under their own account and monitor compliance proactively, whilst the academy has their own access to keep documentation up to date.


In addition to the software we also helped the client write a simplified Quality Manual for the Training Centre to cover off all CITB requirements for ongoing monitoring. The Quality Manual was based on the structure of ISO 9001 with simplified content.