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Investing spare time into working on that new accreditation

Investing spare time into working on that new accreditation

An Accreditation is formal recognition that an organisation is competent to perform specific processes, activities, or tasks (which are detailed in a scope of accreditation) in a reliable credible and accurate manner.  The provision of accreditation must:

  • be undertaken impartially.
  • be objective, transparent and effective.
  • use highly professional competent assessors and technical experts in all relevant fields.
  • use assessors (and subcontractors) that are reliable, ethical and competent in both accreditation processes and the relevant technical fields.

Accreditation delivers confidence in certificates and conformity statements. It underpins the quality of results by ensuring their traceability, comparability, validity and commutability.

Accreditation is an on-going business process rather than a one-off achievement so why not take this time in getting your documentation all up to date and go for that accreditation that you’ve been thinking about, in the long term this will save you time and money and reassure both your existing and potential clients.

Within our website we have created pages detailing a number of different accreditations including a summary of who would benefit from having them and the basic requirements you will need to meet in order to attain them.

If you’d like to arrange a free Accreditation Review to ascertain which ones you should go for or which of those you already have are actually worth keeping and renewing – let us know and we can arrange this for you.

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