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How we can help you adapt your working procedures for Covid 19

How we can help you adapt your working procedures for Covid 19

With the world currently experiencing various levels of lockdown, the questions we all now face include – how will lockdown be eased and how we will we practically and realistically adapt our organisations and businesses to cope with the new norm? These adaptions are not just to comply with government guidance but to ensure we protect those who work for us and who we work for.

There will be a number of considerations which all businesses will have to face and these include:

  • Changes to working procedures and practices to comply with government guidance
  • Compliance with regulatory bodies and insurance providers’ requirements
  • Physical changes to work premises including offices, factories, warehouses, schools, shops, restaurants and outdoor sites
  • Communicating changes to staff to ensure full understanding and cooperation
  • Ensuring the long-term viability and success of your organisation/business

At KCS Compliance, our job is to support our clients with all their compliance needs and to ensure your practices are in line with the accreditations and standards you hold as a business. This is in addition to regulatory and statutory compliance. This not only protects you as a business but provides reassurance to your staff and clients on their ability to understand and adhere to compliance responsibilities. Right now, that reassurance is needed more than ever.

What our Government (and governments around the world) release in terms of lockdown updates and a gradual return to some form of normality is irrelevant if a business/organisation is not able to take that guidance and turn it into workable solutions for their business. The provision of a safe working environment to all those who come into contact with your work is critical at all times, but now – more than ever – will be under close scrutiny.

Every single business need will be different and, to support in this process, we are offering 1 hour free consultations with business owners. We can discuss your specific circumstances, the challenges you face and how the changing guidance and restrictions can be translated into a plan for implementation as those restrictions are lifted and businesses can begin to return to normal. Our work and advice can include how to rewrite operating procedures, how to physically coordinate resources to comply with social distancing and how to ensure all parties adhere to your new procedures.

If you would like to arrange a 1 hour consultation, free of charge, please do get in touch and we’ll help you work out the best plan to suit your organisation get back to work in line with government guidance.

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