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CQC Report: How to get the most out of inspection

CQC Report: How to get the most out of inspection

If you are a provider of adult social care services, then you may be interested in reading the recent report on ‘How to get the most out of inspection’ recently published by the CQC (Care Quality Commission), where they have updated information regarding their monitoring approach.

As we move into a different, hopefully less restrictive phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, the CQC is keen to restart inspections of social care providers in line with its newly launched strategy.

The new strategy, launched in June, stated that CQC inspection activity would be smarter and focussed on where it was most needed, i.e., where the CQC has intelligence that ‘people’s experience of care is less than good or safety may be compromised’.

As from this month this policy begins. The CQC will carry out monthly reviews of the information they have on the services they regulate, excluding primary dental care services and NHS Trusts for the time being. This approach is to help the CQC prioritise its activity to areas that need improvement. When assessing the information available, the CQC will focus on safety and how effectively a service is led.

If there is no new evidence or no suggestion that service has changed, then the rating for those services will not be re-assessed.

The CQC have identified some key aims and improvements to how it carries out inspections:

  • The aim of inspection is to ensure both parties, the provider and the CQC, get the most of out the visit
  • The CQC recognises that both the provider and the CQC wish to achieve the same outcome; great quality care for people using services
  • Mutual respect is crucial
  • Open communication is vital


Click here for the full report:



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