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Compliance Document Management

Compliance Document Management

It is no small thing to manage all of your business documents. Not only is the amount of data that a business manages increasing but the complexity of regulations is growing too.

At many companies, documents are stored in many places, making it difficult to keep track of updates and attest versions.

As your company grows you get more information, more processes more documentation and more people needing to use and access this information. Many companies are finding it harder and harder to know where the latest policy or procedure is. You want to ensure the right person, has access to the right information at the right time.

Other questions to ask when looking at your compliance documents include:

  • Are your documents fully compliant?
  • Are you ready for your next Audit?

Document management systems are designed to solve these problems for you making your business more efficient.

Good questions to ask when evaluating your needs for a document management system:

  1. Do I need to prevent certain people from accessing documents?
  2. Are mistakes being repeated across the business?
  3. Are we making the most of our knowledge and expertise?
  4. Do we need a better way to know whether we are compliant to regulations and standards?
  5. Are we falling behind on accreditation renewals?
  6. Is my team being slowed down because they need to search various locations for information?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, your business could benefit from a document management system. Adopting one sooner rather than later will help you avoid frustration and save you future headaches.

Here at KCS Compliance we have built a Compliance specific document management system, called ComplianceManaged. Our Team of Consultants used their expertise and experience to put together our system which provides you with a dashboard to confirm which documents are compliant and which need further attention. It provides placeholders for compulsory documents for accreditations and for generally running your business.

Our system can be used in conjunction with our other services or completely standalone to support your internal resources in their daily work.


Our other services include:


  • Review and Renewal of existing Accreditations and Certificates
  • Development of Annual Compliance Plan
  • Management of Documentation
  • Auditing and Compliance Reviews
  • Renewal Reminders and Submissions
  • Full Implementation of Accreditations
  • ISO 9001 Implementation, Auditing and Compliance Reviews
  • Supplier/Sub-Contractor Compliance Reviews
  • Compliance Training
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