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Building a winning culture

Building a winning culture

The similarity between business and sports is not something that most people think about. Pro sports uniforms look a lot different than a suit and tie, and pencil pushing is a lot less physical than dribbling the ball down the pitch.  But, as different as sports or business may seem, both revolve around one very simple concept—a culture of winning.

Professional sports teams spend an incredible amount of time, money, and other resources to acquire the individuals that will make their team more complete and competitive. Most sports teams build more than just winners, they build a cohesive family that works well together.


7 steps to building a winning culture


  1. Hire people that share your passion

People that demonstrate passion towards your company and goals don’t need additional incentive to get out of bed every morning. Passion translates into more productive and happier employees


  1. Communicate well

Communication lies at the foundation of every team. Provide your teams with the time and tools necessary to communicate effectively and regularly


  1. Learn from your mistakes

You aren’t always going to get it right. Learn from your mistakes means learning to handle those mistakes and the unexpected downturns effectively


  1. Encourage Collaboration

Effective collaboration between teams translates into a more solid and coherent brand voice. It should be facilitated rather than forced


  1. Empower Autonomy

Empowering employees to shape and drive their own strategy boosts their accountability and motivation


  1. Build Trust

Letting trust to be a the foundation of every conversation and action fosters a free flow of ideas and higher employee retention in the long term


  1. Have fun

Human beings are not wired to be productive 100% of the time. Its essential to make the day to day fun and sustain positivity even during the worst downturns.

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