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What are they and how do they help you?

If you own a company or an organisation, you may want to delve into the different accreditations that will sometimes help to increase the legitimacy of your business. An accreditation is ‘the action or process of officially recognising someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity’ Depending on your company’s overall focus, there are many different types of accreditations that may be helpful to the development of your business. However, different accreditations range in price, from nothing to sometimes thousands of pounds. There are also some accreditations that are essential for your company to be legally registered to perform specific activities.

What do accreditations actually do?

There are many benefits in having accreditations for your company, one is that it presents to other businesses that your company/organisation has met the standards of the accrediting body – which sometimes can be extremely strict and therefore demonstrates a commitment to best practice within your industry. For example; if a company that specialises in the provision of medical apparatus they may want to be accredited to show they stand out from others in their industry and can secure larger contracts within the NHS.

Do you really need optional accreditations?

Although there are some accreditations that are integral to different companies, for example a food hygiene accreditation for a catering business, there are some optional ones that are not as essential as others. Although all accreditations show important things about your company, your organisation might want to bare other ideas in mind too, for example, quality, business continuity, IT security, , the reputation of the business, and your current commitment to your staff through the Investors in People accreditation.

Examples of some accreditations

There are many different types of accreditations needed for different businesses/organisations. A specific example would be the British Schools Inspection Scheme (BSIS), this is a crucial accreditation needed for all schools around the country. This consists of a whole school inspection every 3 years where the results of the inspection are posted publicly online. Once completed, the school will receive an accreditation valid for the next 3 years showing that the school is at a certain standard, showing parents that their child is safe at that school.

Overall, accreditations allow companies/organisations to demonstrate their legitimacy. It also helps them attract more clients as they are aware of the standards being met to achieve these accreditations.

Regardless of your industry, there will be accreditations that can help you demonstrate your commitment to best practice within your industry.

At KCS we can help you review your existing accreditations and identify which accreditations in your industry are worth having and help you achieve those.


25 March 2019

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