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At KCS Compliance we support organisations implement and retain accreditations. The following sets out BICSs and who may benefit from having this accreditation.

BICSc is the largest independent, professional and educational body within the cleaning industry, with over 30,000 Individual and Corporate Members.

Our aim is to raise the standards of education and build awareness of the cleaning industry through professional standards and accredited training.

The Institute was formed in 1961 by a group of like-minded individuals seeking to give the cleaning industry recognition. The Institute’s founder, Mr. Eric Hill, supported by a small network of men and women, initially set up the Institute to raise the profile of the cleaning industry as a profession and then went on to establish educational standards.

By the 1960’s all industries were well represented; however, the cleaning industry was not regarded as an industry at all and had no formal representation. It was this that our founder, Mr. Eric Hill, was determined to change by forming The British Institute of Cleaning Science

Over the years the services and training provided by the Institute have evolved to reflect changes within the industry today. BICSc has maintained an active role in setting standards and procedures for cleaning, training, and education. BICSc membership now stands at over 25,000 members including both individual and corporate members.

  • Student Membership– free of charge for any individual undertaking a qualification relating to the cleaning industry.
  • PBICSc – For individuals who have undertaken their BICSc Licence to Practice and hold a valid card, we offer the first year of PBICSc Membership free of charge.
  • ABICSc –For individuals who hold a valid BICSc Licence to Practice and 5 or more skills from our Cleaning Professionals Skills Suite and have been in the industry for one or more years.
  • MBICSc – For individuals who hold or have previously held a BICSc Licence to Practice or hold 12 BICSc CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points and have been a manager or supervisor in the industry for five or more years.
  • LBICSc – For Licensed Assessors who hold a valid Licence to Practice, at least 7 more skills from our Cleaning Professionals Skills Suite, completed the Assessor Course and have been approved as an Assessor.
  • FBICSc – Fellow of BICSc, we may award this to individuals for exceptional service to the Institute, or to the industry as a whole.

Both the ABICSc and MBICSc grades require ongoing CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

If you’d like to know more about BICSc or any other accreditation, get in touch today and we can support you through the whole process to securing an accreditation relevant to your business.


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